Mini Dental Implants

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Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are an alternative to conventional implants. As implied by the name, they are smaller than regular implants, about half the width. Mini implants are most often suggested for patients whose bone width is not dense enough to support regular implants. They can be used to stabilize dentures or a restoration for a small tooth, front tooth or teeth located in a narrow space.

The procedure for placing mini implants is much quicker and less invasive than that of placing traditional implants. Because they are small, there is no need for complex surgery, and they are usually placed in one visit. The minimally invasive procedure also allows for a faster healing process. Plus, there isn’t as significant a disturbance to the bone and tissue, so the procedure doesn’t cause a great deal of discomfort.

During the procedure:

  • A local anesthetic or light sedation will be used to reduce discomfort
  • Using a controlled technique, your dentist will place the mini implant into the jawbone, acting as an anchor for your tooth restoration or denture
  • Once stable, the mini implant will hold your restoration securely in place

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